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[Sunday, July 23, 2006]
[first friday]

The San Antonio monthly Art Walk is celebrated on the "First Friday's" of every month in South Town. It just so happens that July is CAM or Contemporary Art Month. We visited the Blue Star Art Complex (where Node 101 San Antonio is located) to spectate the latest art works. After we visited Michael Verdi while he was screening videoblogs we walked around the complex and viewed the exhibits. This entry is inspired by VernissageTV (VTV).

Here are more links (as if I didn't have enough already):
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, BLUE STAR 21, Curator: William Campbell, SAY Sí, Linda Pace "Mirror Mirror", Zane Lewis "Weeping Jesus", Soy Ilegal Crucifixion.

Reviews: SA Current, San Antonio Express-News


When are you going to make a new post?

By Blogger WO7, at 8/04/2006  

Dang! You gave up, didn't you?

By Blogger WO7, at 8/21/2006  

Hope you are doing well brother. I still think about you and pray for ya.

By Blogger Anthony, at 9/13/2006  

This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger Mav(eric)k, at 2/04/2007  

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